One of South East Asia’s most prominent cities Bangkok stands perfectly positioned not only as a cultural centre but a business hub… the perfect place to party, strike a deal and of course sign up on the most important piece of paper in your life: the marriage certificate. This city is the perfect place to plan your dream celebration, be it true to your traditional style or with an infusion of Thai traditions. Bangkok will ensure that the ultimate celebration is yours – it has the wherewithal to make your dreams come true.

Affectionately dubbed ‘City of Angels’, Bangkok is a hustling bustling metropolis with strong Asian roots. There is so much contrast within the city, from traditional old China town, where time really has stood still, to the flashy skyscrapers which are engulfed by swish hotels and resorts including the very famous Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons and the Peninsula. City wedding venues within Bangkok include opting for a chic classy affair at one of the notoriously stylish hotels or perhaps a traditional spiritual service at one of the many temples dotted around the city.


The quintessential party capital of Thailand, Pattaya, is nestled along a picturesque bay on the East Coast of the Gulf of Thailand, roughly 170 kilometres southeast of Bangkok. The city was first ‘discovered’ by American GIs on leave during the Vietnam War and later by expatriates from Bangkok desperate for a weekend break – it was Pattaya’s natural bay and the long, sandy beach to the south – Jomtien – that was the main attraction.

Before that for centuries, Pattaya was just a small fishing village almost cut off from the outside world until April 1961 when the first group of about 100 American servicemen who would join the Vietnam War decided to drop in for some R&R. The troops have long gone, but Pattaya’s vibrant devil- may care vibe remains making it the entertainment capital of Thailand and a fun destination for everybody. This beachside town attracts thousands of visitors both from within Thailand and abroad.

Hua Hin

Thailand’s oldest beach resort town, Hua Hin and its twin Chaam have endeavoured to preserve their old world charm and casual elegance. Favoured by Thai Royalty, the town owes its existence to King Prajadhipok’s (Rama VII) decision to build a summer palace here.

What set Hua Hin on the road to prosperity was first the construction of the railway line during the reign of King Rama VI (1910-1925), which was soon followed by the establishment of the Railway Hotel and the Royal Hua Hin Golf Course. But even more important was the construction of the summer palace, the Klai Kangwon Palace, meaning ‘far from worries’, by King Rama VII in 1926 (The palace is today the permanent residence of Thailand’s ruling monarch His Majesty King Bhumibol). Once Hua Hin became the official Royal Retreat, Thai aristocracy flocked to the newly discovered seaside resort, building summer homes in its bucolic surroundings. For long a cherished secret of Bangkokians who retreated to it on the weekends, Hua Hin today increasingly finds itself on the international tourist map thanks to the western tourists who stumbled on Hua Hin. Ever since it has been on the tourist trail. Yet it must be said, despite its growing popularity Hua Hin has retained its provincial charm.


Tranquil and highly preserved, Krabi features a real treasure for travelers with innumerable natural wonders and attractions. This region teems with a grand scope of natural sceneries such as Khao Khanap Nam Mountains, Noppharat Thara Beach, Phra Nang Beach, Mu Ko Poda Islands, Emerald Lake, Namtok Ron Khlong Thom and much more. Numerous islets and beaches offer the best ground for a remarkable wedding ceremony.

Krabi is a tropical climate region characterized by warm temperature throughout the year. Its natural abundance with classy accommodation choices, equipped facilities, and the professional wedding planners, make this city a peerless destination for weddings and honeymoons.


Rich in world class beaches, resorts, marinas, pampering spas, tropical waters and so much more, Phuket Island is one of Thailand‘s most ’sophisticated‘ tourist attractions and aptly known as ’The Pearl of the Andaman’. Situated in the South of Thailand and surrounded by a heavenly array of beaches and sparkling warm waters, Phuket also has the advantage of being host to a huge selection of hotels and resorts from boutique to bustling, beach side to cliff side.

Plus there are also a vast number of villas where you can really find your paradise home complete with all you desire. Sea view, maid services, private pool…all of this can be yours in Phuket. Weddings in Phuket can be hosted at a private villa, luxury resort, at one of the many beaches or waterfalls, in a traditional Buddhist temple or even aboard a yacht charted from one of the many marinas.