About Us

Who We Are

“Pralisha” this word came up in my mind while building foundation of my dream business. A word of 8 letters define itself a two girl names that came in my family. When both of them born they brought fortune in our family and I believe as well that there is woman behind of every man success…and how true it was I never knew it before.

Wedding is just not arranging or planning of customer requirement but it is relationship which one has to build up with family in first appearance. I think without trust, faith and believe it will be difficult for bride & groom family to handle their dream into reality on somebody else shoulder.

The founder of Pralisha Wedding came from Indian culture background and with vast travel experience of around 17 years i have learned many other cultures as well and found that wedding is just not tie up two humans or soul it is like bringing two states, countries, cultures, language, food, relations together. After staying in Thailand from 08 years I have learnt that this country may look small on world map but have 1000 things to offer to any part of culture in the world.

Last but not the least I am not just wedding planner I build relationships.

What We Are

Difficult to put into words because it is blank canvas….An experienced team of wedding planners, designers, coordinators and selected vendors to create a dream into reality. Every team works on different stages with complete planning and execution in coordination with bride & groom family. We start our relationship since beginning of our first meeting.